Facebook Marketplace App Redesign

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While there is a lot an individual can do in Facebook Marketplace, there is a lack of organization as many features don’t necessarily belong together. We asked our users to complete these three tasks: 1) Find a single room to rent in a "good location" near you 2) Put a chair up for sale. 3) Pick an item from "Stores" as a Christmas gift for a friend.
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What I did

In the Marketplace redesign, I prioritized user simplicity and clarity. Upon opening the Marketplace, users encounter a central map alongside a search bar, eliminating clutter and facilitating two primary actions: searching for items or adjusting their location. This decision was informed by user preference for viewing item locations. Additionally, when users search for an item, pins appear on the map indicating where the items are located within the search radius. Users can select a pin to access the item's listing or scroll through tiles on the bottom half of the screen. Lastly, I introduced a clear distinction between Marketplace and "Stores," ensuring that users understand where they are shopping.

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